Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Recent live paintings through the summer

Over the passed couple of months these are a few pieces I've done live. These pieces were done on mirrors. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Here is a Facebook link to my next upcoming show.

My next showcase will be at Blue Star wine bar located at 1209 N. Noble from 6-10PM. For this show I will also be raffling off a piece. Come on out and have a great time with good people, good music and some of my spring themed work for your visual pleasures.
This piece is making its first public appearance. Along with a few of my classic pastel pieces which have also never been amongst the public.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My newest series is underway. Study of glass and plexiglass.

For this series which I began within this past week is a reflective series dealing with the study between working on glass along with plexiglass. New verses old. I have been painting on windows for a few years now and have always run into the problem of making sure that the paint will permanently be able to adhere to its surface. Now with my switch over to plexiglass it is apparent that the properties are much stronger for what I have been trying to achieve. So in finishing statement this series is a reflection of the past 3years of my life learning to manipulate my materials in order to obtain the outcome I am trying to make durable for the longevity of the piece. There will be a combination of both glass and plexiglass pieces incorporated together to show the differences in technique and to move between the lines of past present and future once this series is completed within the next few weeks.
vintage window

vintage window

vintage window


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finished piece. 5 day spread to complete it.

So today after 5 days of painting I have completed my latest experimental piece. The motive behind this was to try and derive through Rorschach a painting out of my own psyche. From these observations I had a vision through the colors that had been laid out before me. This painting is done on loose black fabric which the paint was initially dumped onto then from there it was folded over a number of times and spread with a heavy ruler to evenly distribute the paints. After the first drying process and the image which I had visualized came to life for me I then began to stipple in multiple colored rows of different dots to form an outline or border of the image. From there outer lines were used to create the shadow and depth needed to create the optical illusion that was so intended of causing the owl with the crown to appear to be possibly flying off of the material.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 3

Here is day 3 of a work in progress. This piece is focused from a rorschach along with a stippling technique I have been trying to master
or achieve.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Start of something new..

My latest piece is being designed around the rorschach. Sometimes you can see what the rest can't. I'm trying to show what I see and relay it to you the viewer. Besides the rorschach I am also using my latest technique of incorporating as heavy a structure through stippling. I am not 100% sure where this piece is going but i can't wait to find out.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Experimental piece..

So this is my latest piece. It was created due to a dream that I had. I won't get into the dream, but the piece was just an experiment. It is done in a different style from what I usually work in. I still kept some of my basic techniques but tweaked them slightly to achieve the tones and colors the way I had seen them in my dream. I haven't titled it as of yet. It was achieved through Spray Paint and Acrylic Paints. The splatters were made through diluting the acrylic paint and then dipping my fingers in and flicking them at the canvas. Throughout though I try to keep some control and order the paints. This can also be seen through the layering of the colors. The metallic gold color is of course created with spray paint. In order to do that I used cardboard to create the straight lines. I used a gold and a flat purple. That was my way of creating the shadows for the gateway. Other than that I used an extremely fine brush in order to outline and highlight certain cuts and grooves.